Meet Director Resource

The purpose of this resource page is to assist Meet Directors in planning and running a meet. Included is a comprehensive Meet Director Handbook to guide you throught the process. Also included is the draft form of the CPU spotting and loading safety protocol as well as links to commonly used forms and programs.

Meet Director Handbook
CPU Competition Safety Precautions
Attempt Cards
Equipment Check
Loading Charts
Weigh In/Lot sheets
Kilo/Pound Conversion Chart
Lifter Program (Next Lifter) This is a link to the Next Lifter site created by Joe Marsteiner. The majority of lifting programs run in our meets were created by him. To get your copy of the program, you will need to email him. His email address is available at this link.

OPA Competition Set - In September 2015, the OPA purchased a competition set that can be rented by clubs who are new to running meets. As the purchase of competiton equipment can be expensive, we have this set available until you are able to purchase your own set.

Our competition set includes:

- Titan Plates (362.5kg)
- Titan bar/collars
- ER Competition Rack
- Wired lights
- Deadlift jack
- plate stands
- 8' x 8' platform (4 sheets of 3/4" plywood, black carpet and red perimeter frame)
- Optoma projector with vga connection

Rental Fees & Deposit
Rental Fee: $75.00
Refundable Damage Deposit $500.00

There is no set rental period. It will be agreed upon at the time of rental. A standard may be picking the set up the weekend prior to the meet and returning it the weekend following. The damage deposit will be refunded in full if the equipment is returned in the condition it went out. This is similar to renting any piece of equipment and is to ensure that careful use is maintained.