Commencing December 1, 2014, OPA membership with be valid one year from the date of purchase. Purchase of a membership can be done on-line via credit card. Your card will be emailed directly after purchase. You can keep both an electronic (soft) copy and print a hard copy of the card.

For those who cannot purchase on-line, we will be maintaining a hard copy application. Simply fill out the membership form and send to the registrar. The registrar will apply for your membership on-line and either email or mail the card to you.

Our recommendation is to apply on-line when possible as it will significantly speed up the application process.

Becoming an OPA member automatically entitles you to a CPU (Canadian Powerlifting Union) membership. The CPU is affiliated with the IPF (International Powerlifting Federation).

Who can become an Ontario Powerlifting Association Member?

- Residents of Ontario can be full members of the Ontario Powerlifting Association. Lifters in other provinces must register with the association in their province
- Non-residents of Canada must register with the CPU Registration Chairperson directly
- Any person from anywhere can be an Associate member.

Electronic Application

Mail in Application

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