Orangeville Open Three Lift and Bench Only
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Meet Director: James Newton

Host Club: Highland Powerlifting Club

Address: 124 Meadow Dr., Orangeville, Ontario, L9W 4J8

Phone Number:519 307 0115

Contest Name:Orangeville Open Three Lift & Bench Only

Contest Date: September 10, 2016

Contest Location: Athlete Institute 207321 9 Hwy, Orangeville, ON L9W 2Z2 (At HeartLake Road)

Tentative Contest Times (s):
Weigh In: 7:00am bench only and 8:00am 3 lift
Lifting Starts: 9:00am bench only and 10:00am 3 lift
Type of Contest : Open 3 Lift & Bench Only

Eligibility: Must be current OPA/CPU member

Awards: 1st to 3rd by weight class. Best Lifters M/F. Best Team

Entry Deadline: August 20, 2016

Entry Fee:
Bench Only $55.00 + $15.00 drug fee = $70.00
Three Lift:$75.00 + $15 drug fee + $90.00

Fee Payable to: Highland Powerlifting Club

Send entries to:James Newton

Additional details of note: : Three Lift will be capped at 36 lifters

Meet Hotel Best Western. Its under Highland Powerlifting Club with a cut off date of August 5th....can you please post it for us?

BEST WESTERN PLUS Orangeville Inn & Suites
7 Buena Vista Drive | Orangeville | ON | L9W 4Z2 519.941.9185| 1.866.216.1988| 519.941.3211 fax Hotel Direct#: 519-941-3311

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