Toronto Pro Super Show 2016
List of Lifters

Meet Director: Mark Boyle

Host Club: Toronto Rex

Address: 17 Stephen Drive, Toronto, Ontario, M8Y 3M7

Phone Number:416 356 4243

Contest Name:Toronto Pro Super Show 2016

Contest Date: June 4-5, 2016

Contest Location:Metro Toronto Convention Center

Tentative Contest Times (s):

Weigh in and lifting times for both days tbd. The schedule below is tentative.

Three Lift - All women
Three Lift - Men's light weight classes
Bench only
Deadlift only

Three Lift - Men's heavy weight classes
Type of Contest : Open 3 Lift & Bench Only & Deadlift only

Eligibility: current cpu/opa member

Awards: Best Lifter Male/Female, top 3 in each weight class

Entry Deadline: May 4, 2016

Entry Fee:
Three Lift: $85 (+$15 drug testing fee = $100)
Bench Only: $70 (+$15 drug testing fee = $85)
Deadlift Only: $70 (+$15 drug testing fee = $85)
Any two: $120 (+$15 drug testing fee = $135)
All three: $190 (+$15 drug testing fee = $205)

Fee Payable to: Tannis Waugh

Send entries to:

Additional details of note:

- 25 of the 3-lift spots will be based on first-come, first-served as per a usual contest. These spots will be for OPA members only.
- 25 of the 3-lift spots will be based on Wilks score and open to any CPU member.

The cut-off date for these spots will be March 15th. On that day, the lifters with the top 25 Wilks scores will be entered into the contest regardless of when they applied. After these spots are set, the first 25 applicants who aren't on this list will also be entered.

The bench-only will be done as usual, and only open to OPA members. There will also be a deadlift-only contest. This will have a cap of 12 lifters and will not have separate Classic and Equipped divisions. Please note that no official records can be set at a deadlift only contest.

Payment Details:
Payment via e-transfer is required within 24 hours of receiving your application in order to secure your spot in the contest.

Please note that the fee is payable to Tannis Waugh using the account

Payments made to other email addresses will NOT be accepted. Questions should be directed to

Entry Form