OPA Records Application

OPA Record Application

All National Records must be submitted directly to the CPU on their online applications. A RECORD APPLICATION is required for ALL record lifts, INCLUDING those done at National Championships. Application must be made within 7 days of the competition. IMPORTANT: A lifter’s status as “unequipped” must be clearly identified on the contest scoresheet. Lifters CANNOT “cross-over” from equipped to unequipped, or from unequipped to equipped, they can only be in one division at a time in regards to records. If not so identified as unequipped, they will be assumed to be equipped. “Unequipped” is defined as normal shoes, socks, under-garments, non-supportive singlet, T-shirt, wrist-wraps, neoprene knee-sleeves and belt. All items must conform to standard IPF Rules specifications. No other items are allowed. When a Province holds a separate contest that is designated as an “Equipped Provincial Championships”, lifters that intend to lift without supportive equipment may enter, but will be considered as equipped lifters, and will not be eligible to set Unequipped (Classic) records of any level, or be entered on Rankings lists for Classic lifting. An Official Records Certificate will be distributed to all record holders by the Records Chairperson at the time when the record is applied for.

  • Please put in Year of Birth EG 1959
  • You must hold a valid CPU membership
  • of valid CPU Membership
    High School Records can only be set at Provincial High School Championship. College/University Records can only be set at College/University Meets.
  • (From Bench Only meets or 3-Lift Bench Lifts that exceed the current Bench Only record)
  • Supply any other information that may be relavent.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY