Meet Director Resource

The purpose of this resource page is to assist Meet Directors in planning and running a meet. Included is a comprehensive Meet Director Handbook to guide you through the process. Also included is the draft form of the CPU spotting and loading safety protocol as well as links to commonly used forms and programs.

Competition Policy Procedure Manual
Meet Director Handbook
Update to Handbook – Meet Postponement/Cancelation
CPU Competition Safety Precautions
Attempt Cards
Equipment Check
Loading Charts
NextLifter Program No Clock
NextLifter Program With Clock
Template for Meet Results

The new version of Next Lifter scoring program by Joe Marksteiner is the standard to use in all OPA meets. There are 2 versions, one with a clock and one without a clock. There is also a link with a list of all registered teams that can be used with standard naming to help with publishing results and for calculating Team Awards and yearly best team for the AGM.

The Website publishing of results will be based on the Next Lifter Program. If you are not using this program, you need to submit all results on a results template provided above. The reason for this is consistency in how data is published, and for consistency in data to work with records.