Qualifying Standards

IMPORTANT: A lifter’s status as “unequipped” must be clearly identified on the contest scoresheet. Lifters CANNOT “cross-over” from equipped to unequipped, or from unequipped to equipped, they can only be in one division at a time in regards to records. If not so identified as unequipped, they will be assumed to be equipped. “Unequipped” is defined as normal shoes, socks, under-garments, non-supportive singlet, T-shirt, wrist-wraps, neoprene knee-sleeves and belt. All items must conform to standard IPF Rules specifications. No other items are allowed.

Please note that Ontario Provincial Qualifying standards are not the same as the national qualifying standards

For Ontario Provincial Qualifying Standards, please check:

OPA Qualifying Standards

For Regional or National Qualifying Standards, please check:

CPU Qualifying Standards

Points to Remember:

  • You must have qualified within the previous 24 months from the date of the intended Provincial or National Championships.
  • You must satisfy any Ontario additional requirements to be qualified for each Nationals.
  • A lifter who achieves a National qualifying standard is then eligible to compete at any chosen weight class at the National Championships.
  • You can move up or down in weight class as long as the lifters total meets the requirements for the weight category they lift in.
  • All age categories begin on January 1 of the year the lifter reaches the minimum age limit. For example, a lifter become a Master 1 on January 1 of the year they turn 40. Similarly, a Junior ceases to be a Junior on Dec 31 of the year they turn 23.
  • A lifter can qualify for a higher level meet in their next age category within the 12 month period before meeting the minimum age requirement for the class they will compete in, but cannot claim awards in that category at that qualifying meet. For example, a lifter who turns 40 next year can qualify for next years Master Nationals at any time during THIS year, but would only win “Open” awards at that meet.
  • Bench-Only qualifying lifts can come from other Bench-Only contests or from the Bench Press portion of a regular Powerlifting contest.
  • For parapowerlifters not considering competing Internationally the Classic weight classes and qualifying standards apply.
  • For Parapowerlifters wanting to go to International events check the Minimum Qualification Standards and weight classes.

Your Steps to Canadian Powerlifting Union National Championships: