Steps for Electronic Payment: Applicant creates and sends an e-Transfer through their online banking to Minette Meronyk. They will also need to create a security question and password that we will need to receive the money.

They then send another email to Minette Meronyk, with their name, the security question and password, and what the payment is for (registration, records, etc).

Alternatively, if you wish to mail a cheque, please contact Minette Meronyk for the appropriate mailing address.

If you wish to submit a record form via mail, please email Gary Lacoursiere to request a copy of the form.  He will guide you through the application process.

OPA Membership Electronic Application

Electronic Club
Affiliation Form. Please remember Clubs are registered from 1 Jan to 31 Dec each year. Clubs need to re-register each year. It is best to do this by the end of the year to have clubs available for next year. It takes time to get the information confirmed to publish on the website and in eSport.

Electronic Sanction Form

Referee Expense Form.
Please note that all expenses pertaining the referees must be approved by the referees chairperson.

General/Travel Expense Form

Records: Submit directly with the on-line records application.

See bottom of page for Important Information Regarding Forms!

OPA Membership

Becoming an OPA member automatically entitles you to a CPU (Canadian Powerlifting Union) membership. The CPU is affiliated with the IPF (International Powerlifting Federation). To determine if you can become an OPA member, click here. Fill out the Membership Application Form & Waiver Form

Enter a Contest

Anyone entering an OPA sanctioned competition must send a completed and signed Contest Entry form along with payment to the Meet Director or specified individual. You must be an OPA Member in order to compete in an Ontario Championship.

Competitors from out of province must possess the appropriate IPF membership to compete in other contests. Example: A lifter from Quebec can compete in an open competition as a CPU member affiliated with the QPF (Quebec Powerlifting Federation). Fill out the Contest Entry Form.

CLUB RATIFICATION Benefits of being an affiliated club of the OPA:

  • Only ratified clubs can enter as a team in a contest
  • Only ratified clubs can sanction and host a contest
  • Clubs can play a part in promoting powerlifting in their communities
  • Clubs are provided visibility on the website and newsletter

Sanction a Contest

To host a contest in Ontario, Meet Directors must sanction the contest with the OPA. Refer to the rules on the Contest Sanction Form.

Note: Contact your Regional Chairperson or the President if help is required with the logistics of hosting a Powerlifting competition.


Refer to the Constitution and Bylaws for the types of expenses reimbursed by the OPA. If you qualify, use the General/Travel Expense Form


Steps to ensure that your record becomes valid — click here

Electronic Record Application

Important Information Regarding Forms


There are 2 parts to the OPA/CPU Membership:

  1.  True Sport eLearn
  2.  OPA Membership Application

The above information is very important for this form as your CPU card is printed from the information written on this form. We understand that because Ontario is such a large province, sometimes it is difficult to train with a club once a week. If you are training a minimum of at least 2-3 times a month with a club, you may be affiliated with this club. Indicate this on your membership form. It is important for team awards at competitions. You CANNOT change clubs less than 3 months prior to a contest once you have registered. This is to eliminate stacking clubs to win the team award. To change clubs, the registrar must receive this information via e-mail or post, not a phone call.


The information collected on the meet entry form is very important to provide the meet director with information on lifters attending to best set up flights and obtain awards. Remember, you must have a valid OPA Membership and e-True Sport Certificate to compete in any competition in the OPA/CPU. The entry form link will be available on the Event in the Calendar. 


The form below is provided to submit nominations for OPA Awards at the AGM. Requirement for nominations are in OPA Organization Policy 1.2.1 AGM Awards.

LINK:  Paper Form OPA Awards Nomination Form

LINK: On-Line Form On-Line Awards Nomination Form

Proxy Voting Form

The form below is provided to submit Proxy Votes for Members in Good Standing that cannot attend the AGM. You are allowed one Proxy Vote, and must submit the name of the Member attending the AGM that will be providing Proxy. Each member may only be proxy for one member vote.

LINK: Proxy Voting Form