Executive Contacts

I’m Garrett Bentley and I am this term’s OPA President. A  little about me: I’ve been lifting for going on 16 years, 10 of which have been dedicated to the sport of powerlifting. I also own and operate the Barrie Barbell Club.  I’ve been fortunate enough to get to compete alongside some of the best in the world internationally both classic and equipped having podiumed at multiple NAPF Championships and Commonwealth Championships. I’ve also competed at both Classic and Open worlds.
I want to see the OPA hosting meets as if it were 2018/19 where we would have an event almost every weekend. Alongside my fellow exec members I want to help rebuild and rebrand the OPA as one of the best provinces to lift in.
My Favourite Lift
My Favourite meet or powerlifting related memory
Commonwealth 2019 NFLD, 375kg squat
Favourite quote
 “A man’s health can be judged by which he takes two at a time – pills or stairs.”

My name is Daniel Remulla, born in the Philippines and raised as a proud Toronto/Scarborough native. I have been participating in competitive sports my whole life, playing a multitude of different sports such as soccer, basketball, cross country, track & field and powerlifting. My love of sports as a child has guided me to pursuing my post- secondary education in the field of Kinesiology & Health Science at York University where I graduated and bridged my education into my career in Strength & Conditioning. Now as a semi-retired powerlifter I’ve turned my life-long passion for strength training into a career and have the privilege to coach athletes of various backgrounds and sports to be the strongest versions of themselves.


I co-own and operate Band of Barbells, a powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting specific training facility based out of Scarborough. I’m also the Director, Athlete Development & Coaching where I work with powerlifters and strength athletes of all levels to progress them to their desired strength goals and competitive aspirations.


I have been lifting in the gym for about 15 years, starting off as most men do with the primary focus of building muscle and achieving a desired aesthetic. It wasn’t until a little over 10 years ago where I discovered powerlifting, signed up for my first meet and fell in love with the sport so much that I’d continue to pursue it at various competitive levels and eventually turn it into my career.


I bring to the OPA years of experience as a competitor, meet director and avid supporter of OPA core values and mission statement. As someone who has invested their life into the sport of powerlifting and its growth, I bring forth a shared sense of urgency among the new executive to increase membership and participation within the OPA. My goal is to spearhead actionable initiatives that will help get meets up and running and an increase awareness of the sport and federation to the younger generation of youth/junior’s athletes in high school and post-secondary institutions.


Notable achievements in powerlifting 

-2014 CPU National Junior Champion (66kg)
– 4x OPA Open & Junior Champion (66kg)
-2017 NAPF Arnold Pro 3rd Place (66kg)
-2018 IPF Classic World Championships 1st Place Bench (7th Overall) (66kg)
-Held a multitude of provincial and national level bench records.


Favourite lift 


My favourite lift is the squat surprisingly enough, even though it happens to be my worst lift. I just love the feeling of having a heavy weight on my back.


Favourite meet or powerlifting related memory 


My favourite meet and competition memory would have to be the time I had the honour of lifting at the 2017 Arnold Pro meet in Columbus, Ohio alongside some of north America’s most talented pool of lifters. It was also my best performance to date and an experience I will never forget.


Favourite quote


“Strength doesn’t come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t.”

Chief Administration Officer
Chief Financial Officer

Hi everyone! I’m the OPA’s Chief Financial Officer/Treasurer. My role will be to support the OPA by maintaining its accounting records, bank account, and budget. I work in public practice to provide assurance services for Canadian private corporations.

I have been powerlifting for three years and consider myself to be just getting started. My favourite memory so far is getting to load three (lb) plates on the bar for the first time.

Outside of work and the gym I have many houseplants to take care of and am always interested in what everyone else is growing!

Chief Officiating Officer

I have been a referee for 23+ years and currently am a Category 2 International Level Referee. I had a short lifting career where I set Provincial and National Records in the Women’s Master 2 Division (2007 & 2008). I am President of the Grizzlies Powerlifting club and currently am coaching 2 special needs individuals.

I was a short track speedskating coach for 20 years and still coach softball. Announcing and scoring at all levels of Fastball (both men’s and women’s) is an activity I enjoy in non-winter months. I have been a member/board member of the Kitchener Sports Association for many years. Currently I am employed fulltime as a corporate trainer, having been at the same company for 14 years.

There is much potential for excellent referees from among our lifters and current referee pool. I am committed to supporting new and experienced referees through training and mentoring. Regular communications and open dialog among current and prospective referee will be an important component.

Favourite Memory: Stan Goss showing me his Valentine underwear. (he was wearing them at the time and not shy about modeling them!)

Favourite quote: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”


A little about me… I am an absolute dog fanatic! I am 30 going on 97. That is all. Also, I work for Domino’s Canada’s marketing department.

I have been lifting since 2016! Almost 6 years now and I am a 3x Canadian National Champion, 2019 IPF Worlds silver medalist, and 2021 IPF Worlds gold medalist.

My goal for the OPA is to continue spreading the love of our powerlifting family with as many people as possible. Growing the membership and expanding to more clubs in new places in Ontario.

My favourite lift
Right now, it’s the deadlift because it has shown up for me when I needed it most! But ask me next Thursday and it will probably be different.
My favourite powerlifting experience was the Lift4Life outreach trip I did in Zimbabwe. It is the most meaningful thing in powerlifting I have ever done and I would encourage everyone to check out their work!
Favourite Quote
“I’m still gonna send it”
AVP Website Commissioner & Social Media
Northern Referee Representative
Eastern Representative
South Western Representative
I have been involved with powerlifting since 1996 with my (late) husband Glyn, running competitions and supporting him as he competed through the years. I am not a powerlifter, however I have been an OPA executive on and off for the past 20 years as the registrar, secretary, news letter editor and treasurer.
With this new executive team, I hope support the OPA with continued promotions of well run meets in my region and offer my experience and guidance any way I am able.
My notable achievements in powerlifting would be co-director of the 2008, 2014 Nationals,  2011 World Masters and hosting 17 Niagara Open competitions.
Favourite Lifting Memory
I have a few after all these years!  But my favourite memory is Glyn winning the World Masters 2003 and 2011. Our 2005 trip to South Africa for the World Masters Competition and travelling after with some of the team is also a very good memory.


Central Representative

You can email Harnek here: raiharnek@hotmail.com

Harnek has been involved in powerlifting for over 45 years. He has competed for over 30 years,
organized dozens of competitions & championships and a referee for 31 years, with International
Category 1 status. Harnek is a member of the Brampton Sports Hall of Fame and the Ontario and
Canadian Powerlifting Hall of Fame. Harnek is the recipient of the prestigious Syl Apps Special
Achievement Award. Harnek represented Canada as a lifter, coach, referee and team manager at many
world championships around the world. Harnek’s favourite lift is the Bench Press. Harnek is married
with two children and three grandsons.

School Competition Representative
Northern Representative