Also check out the FAQ link on the official CPU (Canadian Powerlifting Union) site for more information about powerlifting, the CPU and getting started in powerlifting. The contents of the current page contain FAQs more specific to Ontario Powerlifting Association.


How do I become an OPA member?
Simply fill out the Membership Form

What are the benefits of being a member?
Becoming a member of the Ontario Powerlifting Association registers a person with the CPU (Canadian Powerlifting Union) which is affiliated with the IPF (International Powerlifting Federation).

As an OPA member, you will receive a CPU Card which must be presented at every contest during equipment check-in. Only members of the Ontario Powerlifting Association can lift at all Ontario Open meets and any Championships meets for which you obtain a qualifying total.

Among some of the other benefits are:

  • The ability to compete in various IPF affiliate competitions.
  • The privilege to break Ontario records
  • Option to be included in the Ontario Top 10 ranking list
  • Support the association and the sport

Who can be a member of the Ontario Powerlifting Association?

  • Residents of Ontario can be full members of the Ontario Powerlifting Association.
  • Lifters in other provinces must register with th association in their province.
  • Non-residents of Canada must register with the CPU Registration Chairperson directly.
  • Any person from anywhere can be an Associate member.


What are the rules? Download the IPF Technical Rulebook from the IPF website. Refer to this site often as rules change frequently.

Want to be a referee?

There is always a shortage of Referees. The OPA is always looking for new recruits.

Contact the Referee Chairperson for further details.


How to enter an OPA Sanctioned contest:

  • Verify that all qualifications are met if this is an Ontario Championship.
  • Become an OPA Member.
  • Select the meet you wish to participate in, fill our and send to the Meet Director along with the appropriate fees.

Hosting an OPA competition

To run a competition for the first time, it would be a good idea to contact your Regional Chairperson or the Referee Chairperson to ensure that the appropriate equipment and resources are available and to help with the logistics for the first time. In terms of administration, the following must take place:


Types of OPA records

The Ontario Powerlifting Association keeps records for Men and Women in these categories for both classic and equipped lifting for powerlifting (3-lift) and bench only:

  • Sub Junior
  • Junior
  • Open
  • Master I
  • Master II
  • Master III

Steps required to obtain an OPA record

To hold a record in the Ontario Powerlifting Association, you must do two things after you break the record:

If a National Record is broken, also complete the online record form on the CPU Website. National records must be applied for within 7 days of the last day of a meet and may only be set at championship meets.

Also ensure that all referees have signed the official score sheet as this is required to make everything official. Note: Two Category I OPA or higher referees must officiate record attempts.

What if I want to break a National Record?

To break a National record, higher level referees are required and may only be set at championship meets.