New OPA Lifters

Is This Your First Meet With The OPA?

Become a Member: To register as an OPA member, click here.

What to Bring: If this is your first meet with the OPA, click here for a list of things you should bring and some other things you should think about and be aware of.

Check Your Equipment: To avoid disappointment when you check your equipment for each meet, review the IPF list of approved equipment for what is allowable at each meet.

Classic Equipment: If you plan to compete unequipped or Classic see here for a list of allowable equipment. Unequipped is defined as normal shoes, socks, under-garments, non-supportive singlet, T-shirt, wrist-wraps, neoprene knee-sleeves and belt. All items must conform to standard IPF Rules specifications. No other items are allowed.

Weight Classes: To see the list of men’s and women’s weight classes along with the qualifying totals for each weight class, click here. Please note that the selection of a weight class for a meet is for planning purposes for the meet director. If you don’t make your proposed weight class, you can compete in the weight class you qualify for when you weigh in at the meet. However, this does not apply for international and World meets.

Conversion Chart: Use our one page pound to kilo conversion chart. Just print it and throw it in your meet bag. Click here for conversion chart OPA Meet Coach and lifter list of responsibilities.

Before coming to the contest make sure that you have the necessary attire to be allowed to compete.

Coaches and Lifters Responsibilities

  1. At weigh-in you will receive a booklet of attempt cards. Either the lifter or the Coach should print in the name of the lifter on each attempt card, also the coach or the lifter MUST sign each attempt card.
  2. It is good practice to do this prior to the contest starting so that all you have to worry about is filling in the appropriate attempt.
  3. At weigh in you will be asked to put in your opening attempts for each lift. Remember that All Attempts are in Kilos. You can make one change to this but it has to be within three minutes or three lifters before your flight starts for that lift.
  4. If you are not successful with your attempt you can either take the same lift again or increase the weight if you want. It is not permitted to reduce the weight of the attempt.
  5. After your lift is completed you or your coach has ONE minute to put in your next attempt.
  6. If an attempt is a National or Provincial Record it is the responsibility of the lifter or coach to inform the head table and request the appropriate referees for such an attempt if the referees are available.
  7. If you or your coach would like to know the reason for failure of an attempt then you must approach the Head Referee not a side referee.


Lifters Responsibilities on the Platform

  1. From the time the Announcer says the bar is loaded you have one minute to start your attempt.
  2. Always wait for the signals of the Head Referee before commencing or completing the lift. If you do not follow the Referees signals then your lift will be failed.
  3. If a lift is not successful always stay with the bar and never attempt to dump it as it places the spotters and loaders in severe jeopardy.
  4. No profanity will be tolerated on the platform.
  5. Exit the platform from the rear of the squat rack and not the front.
  6. Once your lift is complete you have 30 seconds to leave the platform.