Gary Lacoursiere

I’m a 54-year old with 34+ years in the Royal Canadian Air Force; I am currently the Military Escort Team Leader at the Afghanistan Memorial Hall at National Defence Headquarters in Ottawa. I spent my career as a technician before recently accepting a commission to Captain as an Aerospace Engineer. I’ve been lifting for about 15 years. I actually started competing before I started training. I’ve done over 50 competitions in 4 countries, including 3 times at Commonwealth Championships and one World Bench Championships.

Some goals I have as in the APV Records person and as a member of the OPA executive: I want to usher in a close alliance between CAF Powerlifting and the CPU, first using the OPA to springboard CAF referee training, then feed CAF Powerlifting members into the OPA. I also intend to train a cadre of military spotters who can then be used in OPA/CPU competitions.

Notable Powerlifting Achievements
I have held over a dozen Provincial records in Manitoba and Ontario, as well as 6 National records.I am currently the only person to have been inducted into the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Sports Honour Roll for Powerlifting. I am the first Chief Official for CAF Powerlifting.
Favourite Lift
Favourite Lifting Memory
Lifting as a guest at Welsh National Championships, and unexpectedly bringing home a gold medal and a lovely trophy cup.
Favourite Quote
Never select yourself out.