Updates from the IPF & CPU 2022 AGMs

  1. Your CPU membership must be active in order to register for a meet. Previously, you were able to register for a meet without an active membership / renew your membership by meet day – that is no longer acceptable. We repeat: Your CPU membership must be active the day you register for a meet. This keeps the CPU in compliance with CCES drug testing protocol.
  2. Rule of 2. While this has been an existing policy, the CPU will be enforcing the Rule of 2 in which all CPU & provincially sanctioned events must always have two officials or one official of the same gender and a coach/guardian accompany a minor athlete when in a potentially vulnerable situation (i.e. weigh ins, closed door meetings, travel, etc.). This is a Safe Sport requirement.
  3. Referees are not to ask to see a lifter’s underwear during equipment check/line. Referees may only do underwear check during weigh-ins in a private room.
  4. Equipment update 1! The following brands are NOT approved by the IPF, effective immediately: Unbroken Designs, Metal, and Beast Genetics.
  5. Equipment update 2! As of Dec 31, 2022 the following equipment brands are not approved by IPF: ER Equipment, Ivanko, Titex, Leoko, Uesaka.  Please note, there will be a grace period until Dec 31, 2023. This will more immediately impact international level meets.
    The CPU board is aware that many provinces heavily rely on equipment like ER and is working on policies that will allow local level meets to continue to use this equipment/minimize undue stress to provinces.