Celebrating OPA athletes at the World level!

simone lai, garrett bentley, jeff butt, isaac baik at ipf worlds

We would like to congratulate several OPA members for their accomplishments at IPF World events!

IPF Classic & Equipped Bench Press World Championships

Heidi Schraft competed both equipped and unequipped as a 52kg M3. She totaled 47.5kg and 65kg, earning her two gold medals.

IPF Open Classic World Championships

Simone Lai, 47kg – bronze overall, bronze in squat, bronze in bench, bronze in deadlifts

Emily Zur Linden, 63kg – 7th overall

Brittany Schlater, 84+kg – 4th overall

Blake Barrett, 74kg – 5th overall

Kafui Hotsonyame, 83kg – 6th overall, silver in deadlift

Kyle Graham, 83kg – 8th overall, bronze in squat

Erik Willis, 120kg – 9th overall, gold in bench

Honorable mention also goes out to current OPA president, Garrett Bentley who was part of the 2022 Team Canada coaching staff.