Mid-year updates: Championships and Nationals

Hello OPA!

Before we go on, we first and foremost want to congratulate all of you who have been competing throughout the year and wish those of you attending upcoming regionals (Centrals/Westerns/Easterns) the best of luck! We also want to give a shoutout to our Registrar, Brittany Schlater who has returned home as an Open World Champion!


Please take a look at the below calendar of CPU and OPA championship events:

July 20-23, 2023CPU Centrals
Aug 10-13, 2023CPU Westerns
Sept 8-10, 2023CPU Easterns
Sept 15-17, 2023OPA Open/Masters Provincials
Oct 27-29, 2023Youth/SJ/JR OPA Provincials
TBD* (March/April 2024)Youth/SJ/JR/Open/Masters Provincials 
May 3-5, 2024CPU Westerns
dates not confirmedCPU Centrals
dates not confirmed CPU Easterns
Sept 9 – 14, 2024CPU Nationals

Given the meet calendar above (Nationals being hosted in Fall ’24), we are accepting bids to host 2024 provincials in March/April 2024 as a last chance OPA qualifier. You can submit bids to host Provs 2024 now to president@ontariopowerlifting.org and cao@ontariopowerlifting.org, and until the AGM later this year (date TBD).

Provs ’24 will have a lifter cap, to be decided between the meet directors and the OPA executive.

Provs ’24 will be a combined championship of Youth/Sub-Jr/Jr/Open/Masters.

How do I qualify for Nationals 2024?

  • You must compete at Provs ’23 or Provs ’24. If you compete at Provs ’23 you do not need to compete at Provs ’24 to qualify for Nationals. However, Provs ’24 will have a lifter cap to be discussed during the bid selection process.
  • You must obtain a qualifying total.
  • You must compete in the intended competition (i.e. Update – If you want to lift 3-Lift at Nationals, you must compete 3-Lift at Provs. 3-Lift will qualify you for bench-only.)
  • You must be in good standing with the CPU/OPA.