Records for Nationals

Good day, strong lifters!

That was one heck of a great nationals and I’m seeing the National Records Applications rolling in in droves. A couple of quick points on this!

1. Records must be submitted before MIDNIGHT (11:59pm) MARCH 14


            “Please also be aware that you should look into the application requirements for any applicable provincial records and apply for those separately via your provincial association.”

2. We have been having some trouble with the forms. While the vast majority of records are going through just fine, submission confirmations are not emailing as they should and sometimes the “your record has been received” page isn’t propagating as expected even when the record submission is successful. This is being addressed and will hopefully be rectified soon, but in the meanwhile we don’t want anyone’s records to fall between the cracks.

3. To be totally fair about point 2, I will be publishing a list of submissions received on the morning of March 14. If you are not on that list and should be, I would request that you email me asap at that point. And please do not panic. Given the technological issues we have been having, I am going to do my best to make sure I’ve received all the records that have been submitted in good faith and that ones that have not made it to me because of angered internet gods are given a chance to reach me. No panicking!

4. Below is the list of folks who have submitted thus far. If you have submitted records using the form and you are not on that list, EMAIL and include the following information:

  • Name
  • Age Group(s)
  • Weight Class
  • Classic or Equipped
  • Bench-Only or 3 Lift
  • Date you lifted
  • Lifts for which you are applying for records
  • CPU Number
  • Mailing Address
  • Any other relevant details that you feel I should know
Thanks and Great Lifting!
Vicky Taylor-Hood
Records Chair